Our Approach

This clinic was created for people of all ages and levels of fitness, whether injured or healthy, to find and help sustain their personal best.

Personal Best Physiotherapy can help with all types of injuries. We integrate hands-on therapy following the McKenzie Approach which uses manual therapy treatment for the acute phases and instills patient responsibility and self-management in the later stages of healing — with a safe and effective exercise program for rehabilitation; Pilates.

Pilates is added to the therapies because it is one of the gentlest programs to use in combination with physiotherapy – post injury and is extremely successful in preventing injuries.

We help by

  • Evaluating the problem with a thorough assessment to locate the mechanical cause of the pain.
  • Localizing the source of the pain using a manual therapy approach utilizing mobilization and McKenzie techniques to decrease pain and joint mobility.
  • Planning specific treatment and educating in pain prevention and maintenance through self treatment and exercise.
  • Active therapeutic exercise is initiated to promote postural control, correct muscle imbalances and restore function.


Our Physiotherapists have shared their knowledge on CBC\'s Here and Now, CTV and CityTV as experts in rehabilitation, fitness and Pilates. Our team includes registered physiotherapists, nutritional consulting practitioners and certified Pilates instructors.

Our clinic includes private treatment rooms, a fully equipped Pilates Studio and Exercise Gym.

Are nagging injuries keeping you from achieving your goals?

  • low back injuries
  • neck injuries
  • post orthopaedic surgery
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • sports injuries
  • correcting muscle imbalances and postural problems
  • hand and wrist injuries.