Physiotherapy, Pilates, Rehabilitation

We are experts in rehabilitation, fitness and pilates. Personal Best Physiotherapy offers recommends Pilates exercises to complement a client's rehabilitation program.

Pilates is a series of non-impact exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. We have a Pilates regime for all ages.

Pilates rehabilitation is no longer limited to just orthopaedics but benefits individuals with neurological impairments, cardiopulmonary restrictions, chronic pain, women's health needs, performance enhancement needs, arthritic impairments and other movement dysfunctions.

By working on and correcting muscle imbalances, Pilates strengthens the core, allowing other types of exercises to be added such as cardiovascular and weight training.

The benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

  • Gaining a better awareness of your body, a sense which promotes a rapid return to normal functions and activities.
  • Whether injured or healthy, Pilates training and exercise will provide flexibility and result in greater vitality, energy, and inner strength
  • Pilates is the ideal program for bridging the gap between strength and flexibility.
  • By creating awareness of the deep and powerful muscles within the torso, Pilates can help individuals improve their performance and endurance
  • Correcting postural problems and muscle imbalances
  • Conditioning for pre- and post-natal.
Pilates exercises will help to
  • Tone and elongate muscles
  • Reduce stress and strain on joints and lower back
  • Enhance range of motion, posture and coordination
  • Increase overall body definition
  • Build abdominal strength.
Who can do Pilates?
  • Men and women of all ages
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Correcting postural problems
  • Pre and Post Natal conditioning
  • Cross Training Athletes.