Meet our Team of Professionals

Deidre Pretlove
Deidre Pretlove PT, BPE, BScPT
Founder, Physiotherapist

My founding philosophy formed by both my professional training and my experiences as an athlete is to encourage and promote the active quest for improved strength, fitness and health

Bachelor Of Physical Education. Sports Science, University of New Brunswick.
Bachelor of Science. Physical Therapy, University of Toronto.

Deidre created Personal Best for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness, whether healthy or injured, to find and sustain their personal best.

“My vision was to develop a clinic that integrates hands-on therapy with patient self-management in the later stages of healing and a safe and effective exercise program for rehabilitation, Pilates. It’s always such a delight to see the increase in energy, confidence and vitality that invariably follows such achievements.”

Tanesha Mutch
Tanesha Mutch M.Sc. PT, B.A. Kin.
Registered Physiotherapist

Tanesha believes in patient-centred care and aims to guide individuals along their own unique rehab journey

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Western University.
Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, University of Birmingham, England.

Tanesha has been a practicing Kinesiologist for the last 3 years, developing her skills in exercise rehabilitation.

She joined the Personal Best team in 2018 and is enthusiastic to work with patients to incorporate pilates rehabilitation into their treatment plans.

Riandre Flores
Riandre Flores
Physiotherapist Asssitant

Passionate about what she does, Riandre aims to personalize sessions for each individual, focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, PUC Minas, Brazil
The Royal Academy of Dance, London, England. Ballet became the starting point for pilates.

Having experienced the benefits of Pilates first hand, she specializes in Movement Therapy and is qualified to provide private and group sessions in training and rehabilitating of all ages and fitness levels.

She recently graduated as a Physiotherapist Assistant and an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Toronto. Riandre is a positive force who seeks to motivate and encourage her clients to be their personal best.

Joan P. Baker
Joan P. Baker
Certified Pilates Instructor

Joan brings more awareness to anyone with acute injuries, or clients who just wish to strengthen their bodies, to pay attention and honour their daily physical movements, young and mature.

Joan’s passion for teaching Pilates began eignteen years ago teaching Fitness classes to business executives.

Through her own experience with illness and injury, Joan fell in love with Joseph Pilates’ original exercise regime trademarked “The Method”, and Pilates became a lifestyle.

Joan looks forward to bringing more awareness to anyone with acute injuries, or clients who just wish to strengthen their bodies, to pay attention and honour their daily physical movements, young and mature.

Kamal Gill B.Sc
Pilates Instructor

“Your health is the foundation to all happiness. Pilates provides results and will be an enjoyable part of your week.”

Kamal is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and Rehab Conditioning Specialist.

Kamal entered Pilates training after many years of personal training and practicing Yoga. She was impressed by the catalogue of over 500 exercises allowing instructors to create individual program of routines, at any stage of their fitness goals. Kamal focuses on finding a person's unique path towards increased fitness, flexibility and alignment.

“Your health is the foundation to your happiness and goals. My focus is on providing personalized instruction, support and tools for each person. Pilates can provide results and also be an enjoyable part of your week."

Julie Williams
Julie Williams
Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer

Julie works with post rehabilitation clients, seniors, post motor vehicle, conditioning for athletes, performing fitness and nutritional assessments for executives.

Julie Williams has over twenty seven years’ experience in the fitness, recreation, rehabilitation industry; and was voted one of NOW magazine’s Best Fitness Trainer.

Julie is a Registered Kinesiologist and professional member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto.

She is also a certified personal trainer (CPTN, CSEP) who works with a range of clients from post rehabilitation clients to senior clients, post motor vehicle, conditioning for athletes, to performing fitness and nutritional assessments for executives at a wellness centre.

Julie is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (IONC) and Certified Nutritional Consultant who has an Applied Holistic Nutrition First Class Honours diploma from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.